Thursday, 27 October 2016

25mm Lion Rampant at W A R club night

25mm Lion Rampant On A WAR club night 12th October
Having taken Mike on the week before George Wanted to have a go with the Lion Rampant rules
In for a penny in for a pound ok having seen my figures going backwards last week do not think it could be that bad to try a new set of rules out . Well I have try them out with Rolly a WAR club member at the Calne board game club night a few years ago as Rolly had a set of rules but you guessed it he did not read the rules before we started to play.
Any way back to the game army on the table started very well but as the night went on my dice let me down but my tactics seem to be ok in the end George turned out to be the winner as part of my army left the table again ( must get bigger tables) . Now got a set of rules of my own so with a bit of luck I can stop a losing games. 

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