Friday, 6 December 2013

15mm Wargaming Fields for Wargaming or Model Railways

Just painted up the new 15mm fields from my sons moulds.

15/1 Log wall 3”X2 (A)

15/2 Dragons Teeth

15/3 Trench Set (X)

15/4 Trench Strait 6 inches long (CA)

15/5 Trench Strait 3 inches long (CD)

15/6 Trench Gun Position 3 inches long (CD)

15/7 Trench Right Angle (A1)

15/8 Trench End Right (A1)

15/9 Trench End Left (A1)

15/10 Trench Oblique Short Right (D)

15/11 Trench Oblique Short Left (D)

15/12 Trench Inside Angle Right (AC)

15/13 Trench Inside Angle Left (AC)

15/14 Large Field ( E )

15/15 Small Field (AD)


Thursday, 24 October 2013

1/600 WWII Naval Game

WWII Naval game The pictures taken at the end of club night. after Mike and my shelf had finished our encounter game. Mike was using his a  German Merchant Raider  for the fist time. All I will say it was not a good day for my destroyer that when to see what it was. 6 inch guns are not a nice thing at close range .The ship is the one with the black hull and yellow funnels.

Now I going to put down that 6"gun raider so just hope I have not started a arms race when mad and ordered a Airfix kit of the Belfast of over E bay .There weeks in the making and two weeks painting .

Thursday, 10 October 2013

25mm Hinclife Medievial Figures

25mm Hinchliffe Medieval Figures Went in to my toy cupboard and got out some old figures to paint up .I'm trying to go through my stock of figures that some go back for 40 years or so.
Ok so I only play Medievals for fun . So now they in Red and Yellow colours of Wimbledon Speedway . Next lot will probably be in Hackney or West Ham colours

And no its not a Vietnam flag its a Wimbledon speedway flag 1929 that pre dates Vietnam one .

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

15mm Renaissance .Romans. Napolonic's. Fantasy. and some unknown ones figures

Run of some more moulds for my son 15mm Renaissance .Romans. Napoleonic's. Fantasy. and some unknown ones  figures .
If you have any suggestions on figures with a ?and number please let me know
Not long to Warfare now so spent all day bagging up his figures for him OH JOY
Good job I'm retired help to keep me out of the wife's way


Saturday, 7 September 2013

15mm Fantasey Figures

Run of a few more figures for my son the stack of un run moulds are going down this time by 16.
That only 200+ to go
Only a few figures are new so its did not take to long to bag them up only 5 1/2 hours.
Most of the figures are SCI FI but some fantasy ones as well not forgetting the Greek command
AG12 ok in the picture is marked up as AG8 I'll put that one down to age .
Not Long to Warfare 2013 now so come and have a chat to Richard and Me on his trade stand


AG1 Hoplite

AG2 Slingers

AG3 Hoplite with Sword

AG4 Macedonia Phalanx

AG5 Light Infantry

AG6 Hoplite Thrusting Spear

AG7 Macedonian Peltasts

AG8 Illyaian

AG9 Unarmourd Hoplite

AG10 Thracians Peltasts

AG11 Scythian with Spear

AG12 Command

AGC10 Greek Cavalry

AGC11 Light Cavalry with big hat

Fantasy Figures

1 Wild men with Spear

2 Wild man Sword and Shield

4 Wolf Rider

5 Small Ogre with Club x4

6 Human half chain mail Shield & Spear

7 Human with Sword & Shield

8 Human with Bow

11 Wolf Rider

13 Hobbit x10

14 Human Easterner Command

15 Human Easterner with Spear

16 Human Easterner with Bow

18 Wizards

19 Big Giant

20 Medium Giant

21 Ork Spear & Shield

23 Ork Sword & Shield

24 Ork Command

25 Ork with Bow

26 Ork Spear

33 Goblin Sword & Shield

34 Goblin Command

35 Goblin Shield & Spear

36 Goblin with Bow

37 Goblin with Hooked Spear

44 Dwarf with Axe

45 Dwarf Command

51 High Elf Spear & Shield

52 High Elf Sword & Shield

53 High Elf Bow

54 Dragon

55 Winged Eagles x4

56 Ents