Sunday, 29 April 2018

25/28mm Saga Saxon/Danes

25/28mm Saga Saxon/Danes
Been playing Saga for a few years now not to competition standard with my friends at W.A.R.
most nights we manage to get in 2 or 3 games.
Over the years I have been asked to put on some demo games at the Winnersh Fete ( this is the hall W.A.R. has it club night). Like all fete you need to put on a show large battle .

Saga comes in to mind but with only a few figures on the table on both sides not much of a special.
With that in mine we can up with the idea of making the units double or treble the size.
Played a few game like it much more like a wargame than a skirmish game .
Has any body else try it ?  Lots of dice to throw and figures to lose .
Figures are in the main from Elite Wargames and Models
 and 30 archers are Gripping Beast plastic ones.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

28mm New Napoleonic's Females British and Brunswicks

New 28mm Napoleonic Females
British Hospital set
Brunswick Light Infantry and a dismounted Hussar

What you doing with that saw not my leg


Monday, 9 April 2018

28mm WWII Russian Females by Elite Wargames and Models

28mm WWII Russian Females by Elite Wargames and Models
Just seen the new Russian figures from Elite Wargames and Models
Im told they will be at Salute with them .The figure on the far right looks like a big girl now how do you think she looks like ?

Friday, 6 April 2018

25mm Napolenics British V French

25mm Napoleonic's British V French
Back in the distant past well 50 years a go plus. One of my first army I built when I stopped buying
Airfix figures was a Napoleonic one well both sides and over the years I have added to them .
Over the years swards and bayonet have broken some I have replaced but keeping up with it is like paint the Forth road bridge .
Just a small skirmish  game 5 regiments a side . Figures and Hinchliffe and Minfigs and a couple  that I do not know now from wear they come from.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

28mm Romans First SAGA Games with them at WAR

28mm Romans First Games with them at WAR
Ok before I start I should have gone through the battle board before hand . You know what Wargaming like must get on the table fast .
First Game Mike used his Strathclyde/Welsh  .My lads got shot in the back from off table archers
wear did that come from can I fire back no ho why not because you can not . Game when down hill from that time well it did for me . Lost that one on figure count . Make a note my buy Roman cavalry

Second game George wants to have a go at my Romans no Im happy to use my Anglo /Danes Im out voted by 4 to 1  ok Romans it is . George did not advance far from his start line but I did got my archers in range of his slinger and had a few hits . George likes hiding behind hills He then tried  to  take 2 figures off one of my archer units for exhaustion having give them 2 fatigued  markers  George they not levies show you the book .

Romans Third game Hand over my Romans to Mike to take on Rolly .Rolly used Georges Anglo/Danes Did not take any pick if that one .As this was Rolly second game of SAGA it was a slow game and Rolly having seen Georges tactic of hiding behind a hill Mike had to go forward
Romans won 1 lost 1 your guess is as good as mine on the third game .

First game Mike thinking of his next move

 Second game George  studying the battle board
Move 5 and he's still not coming over that hill