Tuesday, 24 January 2017

20mm WWII French

20mm WWII French Advancing to contact.
Just wanted to have a look at all my French Army of the WWII since moving . I have used some but not all of them in a game so nice to see them all out of there boxes.
Lots if the Infantry are old Airfix figures WWI and a few ACW as well . Tanks are mostly Skytrex as was and Matchbox . 3 new ones I got for Christmas MAR33and 35 .
I do have fun using the French  most of there tanks have a one man turret so with the rules we use you only get to fire once then take a move to reload. Somua 35 when I use them can take on the German but you can not use them all the time can you .


Sunday, 18 December 2016

20mm WWII US Army

20mm WWII US Army in a big traffic jam.
Up pack all of my WWII 2nd US Armoured division. Having used some Infantry and tanks at WAR this year I want to see how the rest got on from  moving house in 2014 lost some 50 cal on the quad 50 found them in the bottom of the box and one tank gun all put back in place .