Monday, 20 March 2017

25/28mm Lions Rampant Command group

Lions Rampant Command group
Well I did need a boss man to put with my army . So at Warfare I popped over to Dave Tomas stand and pick up a pack of Perry's Henry V, mounted, and command I find they are just right size to go with my Hinchliffe figures .
Have got them home and had a good look at then I did put them on hold for a few weeks before starting to paint them up . I do try to use oil paint on the horses  so that put them back a week or two before they dried .
Got to use them in they first game at WAR . Henry V challenge Mike boss to a one to one combat
and I won it but end up losing the game in the end .

Thursday, 23 February 2017

28mm Border Reivers Raid

28mm Border Reivers Raid
It's just a normal raid on a small village .
Just a few locals and as much as you can take .

Revers have 3 units two mounted and one on foot .

Village side a few locales and some guests

Simple layout of the village

 Border Reivers on the table

 The Guests come out to play

 What's that big hair thing That's you next dinner if you can catch it.

 run girls run

 Im just walking round with a club
 Ho poo a lancer

 last stand
 Sound recall