Thursday, 16 August 2018

Calne Wiltshire Motorcycle meet 2018

Calne motorcycle meet 2018 I know its not wargaming but lots of us do like motorcycles .
Had a workaround the town this year meet had more on show than I have take pics of. Most of the town centre is taken over for the day with bikes and lots of traders and live bands and we had the Trench WWI display .This is apx only 30% of the bikes taken part in these pictures .


Friday, 6 July 2018

25/28mm Romans Cavalry Just add to my Saga army

25/28mm Romans Cavalry Just add to my Saga army
Over the last few months my Roman army of just infantry have not had a good time on the table
My opponents have used cavalry army's so at Salute pick up some Footsore Miniatures Roman
Then found my Roman fort and unpack it look out at the same time my Prince August figures and some Minifigs figures put them out for a training day with my Gripping Beast ones.

You lot could not hit a barn door let Try yet again
Get that back rank in oppo you lot would not last a minute  if they wear hairyass Barbarians coming to cut you up

Now we get it the last man to get on target it will be on latrine duty for  a WEEK

Get that back line in oppo again that ten party doing my head in oppo

No Rules for them in SAGA yet