Wednesday, 28 January 2015

WWII 20mm Battle for the tractor factory Post road Part 1

WWII 20mm Battle for the tractor factory and post road
This was a 1941 game of German v Russians
Germans had to take the Post road and Russian have to hold the factory
German advanced with armour cars and motor cycles
 The biggest headache is the accommodation block by the side of factory lots of fire out of there

 Road as seen by the recce grope
 we now have radios on the table
 Russian light tanks see off m/c

 Infantry advance through the bushs

 Artillery go in to action
After taking heavy loses in infantry trying to take the accommodation block German pulled back
Russians still holding out .
Game End

Sunday, 25 January 2015

WWII 20mm British Part 5 1940

My 1940 British I use for France and if Im unlucky defence of Britain . Just one 2lb broken in the move.  Fixing it with out glasses on using a magnifier glass think it taken long to fix than making the kit. In the same box I found my two Dutch armoured cars as well.

Monday, 19 January 2015

WWII 20mm British Part 4

WWII 20mm British Part 4
Its the Home Guard Most of the figures are I think from SDD Picked them up in the 80s At WARFARE Reading also the Smith gun

 That's the limber now find the gun

 Keep the public back there's a good chap

 Its the moon

 Sargent you got the instruction book on the Smith Gun

 We holding up the traffic

 Got the right way round this time I see

 More training needed

 Cast of this photo shot