Sunday, 20 December 2015

28mm Perry figures

28mm Perry figures
Brought a pack of figures at Warfare to help with my army when I play  Lion Rampant with Rolly from WAR. Both of us now live in Wiltshire so it's nice to have a game at home or down at the local board games club.
When packing the figures into its box and at a loose end before the wife get the dinner why not get them out to take some pictures .
Ok some are 25mm and some are 28mm . Have been Wargaming for over 55 years so have collected figures over that time I never had a problem with mixing them in from different manufactures. When they are 25mm figures .  Jury still out on mixing 28mm in with the 25mm some of the 25mm are a bit on the small size . But having said that if the base size is the same mmmmmmm.

Got a second pack at the Devizes show 2016

Thursday, 26 November 2015

28mm Napoleonic Females Gun and crew and 15th Hussar by Elite Wargames and Models

28mm Napoleonic Gun and crew set and 15th Hussar  by Elite Wargames and Models
New at Warfare this year a gun and female gun crew also a 15th Hussar mounted figure
Figures painted by Matt Slade of Glenbrook Games and Painting Service.


Monday, 16 November 2015

Warfare Reading Show 2015

Warfare Reading Show 2015 Run by Wargames Association of Reading
Just a few pictures of Warfare no games sorry in them
All of the pictures take by the entrance to the main traders hall .
Started out from home at 8am on Friday. Stopped on the way to see my Dad who not very well . Then on to Rivermead at 12 .
 Helped to put up tables in the main traders hall with club members .Then stayed to do security with Mike Baker till the Rivermead closed at 8.30pm.
Back in on Saturday at 7.20am work on the helping till the show got under way on to my sons trade stand till 5 then again stayed back with Mike Baker  till Rivermead closed at 8.00 pm .
Sunday started at 7.10am till 5pm then on to see my Dad yet again on the way back home .
Got back home at 9 pm .
Now Im only one off 70 or so club member who work very hard at Warfare but its a great show and the Wargamers love to come to over the last 37 years .
Looking forward to the 38th one in 2016 only 52 weeks to go .