Thursday, 20 March 2014

15mm Napolinics & 15mm Ressanisiants Figures

15mm Napoleonic's  & Renaissance  Figures Run of some more moulds only 70 more moulds to go so my son says .My son has started to make a web site for his figures and models but is going very slowly at this rate it will be by the end of May.

Monday, 10 March 2014

25mm American Civil War Part 2

Pick up a box of Perry Miniatures 25/28mm A.C.W. figures at Warfare 2013. Got them out of the box to have a look at home on the Monday after the show. Friend of mine George show me how his painted up before the show . Having put on a big A.C.W. game at the local fate thought I could do with some more .Not until a week before Christmas did they hit the pint table . Have not painted any ACW figures for some time made a change to do it . Found my old box of flags so did not need to use the ones that came in the box of figures . Painting plastic figures has taken me back 50 odd years or so when I painted some British Altmark 20mm WWII figures.

Having  had my eyes sorted out and back painting in February 2015 thought I would make a start on some ACW 25mm Hinchliffe figures that I have found since the house move .
First off was Union in greatcoats and the same figures also for the Confederates .
Once painted  and based sort out some flags from a collection I had for 40 odd years.