Thursday, 25 February 2016

Wings of War part 4

Wings of War at WAR 24/2/2016
Managed to get 3 games in lost all 3 to Mike
1st game I used the Fokker Eindecker got shot down but put lots of holes it the DH2

 2nd game My Albatros just when BANG lost of laughing from the lads   
 3rd game My Fokker DR1 when the same way am I having a bad night .

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Wings of War part 3 at WAR club night

Wings of war at War club night 17/1/2016
First game
Mike has a Camel and I use a Halberstadt.
Camel is fast and fires with the A Deck
Halberstadt is slow and uses the B Deck ( only one outcome on this game)

One nil to Mike
Game two
Mike now using a Bristol Fighter myself I get to use a LFG Roland C11
both aircraft have rear facing mg but the Roland has a better ark of fire
Both aircraft are using the B deck of hit cards
Second game to me
One all

 The second Bristol fighter is a Skytrex one that has been assembled and painted by Gorge Hogg and given to me

Monday, 15 February 2016

Dice bags

Dice Bags
Elite Wargames and Models will have dice bags on there stand at Abingdon Wargames show Overlord 2016.
All  hand knitted no two will be the same .