Sunday, 29 October 2017

25mm Confederate Cavalry ACW Part 16

25mm Confederate Cavalry
Back in the 1980s I started painting my ACW figures after 30 plus years with just 9 figures more to go .
Most of them are Hinchliffe figures with some Perry's and RAFM and some others that I have pick up over the years as we all do .
Some of the pictures I have cut out the colour to make them black and white .


Sunday, 8 October 2017

French Indian wars at Calne Library

French Indian wars at Calne Library fun day
Wife volunteered me to put on a wargame at the local library. Only had a small table to start with and the wife said can you do a nice game (oh boy why me ) Managed to get a second table on the day .
Set up a French attack on a farm using the Indians in the first attack .
Very surprised on the amount of People that came to see the game and other thing happening as well.