Sunday, 8 October 2017

French Indian wars at Calne Library

French Indian wars at Calne Library fun day
Wife volunteered me to put on a wargame at the local library. Only had a small table to start with and the wife said can you do a nice game (oh boy why me ) Managed to get a second table on the day .
Set up a French attack on a farm using the Indians in the first attack .
Very surprised on the amount of People that came to see the game and other thing happening as well.

Friday, 22 September 2017

25mm A C W US Cavalry ACW part 15

25mm A C W US Cavalry
Well got round to paint the last of my US Cavalry after 30 years in there boxes.
Over the years figures get put some place safe ( out if the way of the wife ) then you get on to a new period like WWII  or ECW ect. Two of the Regiments have been overlooked so now my Union Brigade has four Regiments  . ( or five if I count in the Cavalry that I use for fighting the Red Indians )  May have made the 6th Pennsylvania lance pennants to big but pained them maroon.  
All figures are Hinchliffe . Now to add to the Confederate Cavalry .

Sunday, 27 August 2017

25mm Colonial

25mm Colonial 
Unpacked form there move not to muck damaged done a few spears bent and come off .
40 years a go I thought a good skirmish game would be a Dervish v British
I would control the Dervish's and the lads have a regiment of Infantry each plus some Mounted units.
Fort at one end of the table and sand hills all over the place using a 20foot by 6 foot table.
Lots of fun as the Dervish's came on from the sides of the table with a dice through.
Uniforms are a bit of a mix
Only advice I gave the lads do not let them get close after the first game I did not to tell them again.
Figures are Hinchliffe Tradition Minfigs  Britannia
Sir think we have the wrong bases on for this table . Crothers just look at that lot coming at us you silly man. They do not like up them ok Corporal  Jones .
Just hope the Gatling dose not jam . Gatling jammed
Naval Brigade can they go back on there boat .