Sunday, 17 June 2018

Saga Game at Winnersh fete 2018

Saga Game at Winnersh fete 2018
Club (WAR) put on a Saga game at Winnersh Fete
Thought we would try a large Sara game most units had double the size troops in them and used all 8 dices with the follow me as well 9 units could be activated .
George had the hills with the Anglo/Danes on and Mike had the Normans I just help with the rules and with the public .

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Battle of Hafrsfjord and the Liberation of Bergen 8th May 1945

The battle of Hafrsfjord and the Liberation of Norway 8th May 1945 
I was lucky to have a trip to Norway in June on the first day of our trip a visit to Stavanger
included the Hafrsfjord site Just to give you a size of the swords I placed the wife next to them
 ( well if they fell over I would not be in the way )
Bergen my Dad served on HMS Woolston and in 1945 was one of the first ships in to Bergen to take the German surrender .

Im told the stones mark the places of the route of the first King of Norway's wife when she died  and put down as she was carried to her final resting place

Sub in Bergen

 Ex German ship take by the British sold on to the Norway
 Think they wear keeping a eye om me or may be look after the sub
 Polish ship

 P and O Azura