Thursday, 27 October 2016

25mm Lion Rampant at W A R club night

25mm Lion Rampant On A WAR club night 12th October
Having taken Mike on the week before George Wanted to have a go with the Lion Rampant rules
In for a penny in for a pound ok having seen my figures going backwards last week do not think it could be that bad to try a new set of rules out . Well I have try them out with Rolly a WAR club member at the Calne board game club night a few years ago as Rolly had a set of rules but you guessed it he did not read the rules before we started to play.
Any way back to the game army on the table started very well but as the night went on my dice let me down but my tactics seem to be ok in the end George turned out to be the winner as part of my army left the table again ( must get bigger tables) . Now got a set of rules of my own so with a bit of luck I can stop a losing games. 

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Fort Hommet Guernsey

Fort Hommet on Guernsey
Part of mine and the wife's holiday this year was a trip to Guernsey on to France then Spain  so with this in mind I was looking forward to visiting a few WWII sites. Well that's the last time I let the wife book the excursion trips ashore . No more to be said on that one . We did stop at Fort  Hommet.
 Fort Hommet from the carpark

 No this is not the normal transport on Guernsey it the vintage coach the wife book for the trip round the island . To be fair it did make for a good day out .

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

25mm Medieval game at WAR

25mm Medieval game at WAR 28/9/2016
Mike and myself wanted a change so  we came up with 25mm Medieval so far so good now I have a few games of Lion Rampant . But here's the rub I do not have a set as yet of mine own .
No problem Mike has a one set of rules not Lion Rampant . he tells me that he has not used then for some time . Think the night starting to go down hill .
We have a table with just two houses on it let's keep it simple .
Set out my side with lots of hope with my new lone bow man just painted a few weeks ago  I also have a block of Knits and two blocks of sergeants Mike has the same but also some mounted knights .
Mike asked have I a general yes in the box at home no problem i'll use Robin hood and his merry men .
We do not take it to seriously as you can see we are to old to play one upmanship and having fun at the table is the main point of having a game.
Now for the rules the set is 40 plus years old ok it the only one we have so we make do with them .
We have 6 moves with them and my army with more figures is losing badly. Over the game three of the lads come over to watch the game now Mike is using some small dice six sided ones we have a good laugh on how many time they through 6  time and time again . I know Mike not cheating .
On the last move  my army at the table edge and to say it's not going to well . On this move I can hit anything or kill any of Mike army .Mike then said I think I know what we are doing wrong with these rules . All 4 of us could not stop laughing anyway it's 1030 and time to pack up .
Must try out the SAGA rules I got for Christmas .
Some of Mike's figures are Garrison and Lamming
Looking from my side Robin Hood my C in C Mike in the Red jumper and James . My heavy infantry in Wimbledon colours
 Some of Mike's older figures
 Jeff keeping an eye on Mike Dice for me
Some of the new Perry's long bow man I got at Devizes show before I boxed them up to take on the night


Friday, 7 October 2016

20mm USA Army v Germans

20mm USA Army v Germans
21st September at WAR club night my first club night after my holidays .
Manage to did out my Americans to take up to the club .
Mike had a village to defend . Its the last days of the war in Germany . Mikes forces are not to strong but still have a punch.
Just a simple table to play on . As you can see Mike putting out his Germans.
First up on with my rec jeeps
 Lots of MG fire and 222 hitting my Jeeps on comes my A/C

Managed to get a radio message back to get some tank support .

Look what I got Mike M26 Pershing I have not used them before now wears that Tiger.  
Infantry now advancing with tank support . Lots of A/T weapons in the village first two houses taken with infantry .   

Home time now 2200 hrs time to pack up and back down the M4 good game .