Wednesday, 12 December 2012

15mm ACW

Just had 10 moulds of 15mm  ACW figures run of my Sons. Now that they have been sorted  packed in bags and a catalogued . Ready for his stand Elite Wargames and Models at the next Wargames show at Abingdon on the 3rd March. Now must find the Mould with the horse in for all the cavalry figures we have for the ACW

Friday, 23 November 2012

15mm Trench set

Had my son 15mm Trench set for sale  at Warfare Reading on the 17th 18th November
When like hot cakes  Now we have  more back in stock and some on ebay as well

Now have to think something new to make .
Warfare when very well and lots of demo games and partition games as well over 70 traders

15mm ACW are now being mould and will be Cataloged in the coming week and with a bit of luck on ebay in the next few weeks

I will Email a up to date 15mm figures  or resin 15/20/25mm  catalog in the near future just send me a message

if you would like one .

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

up date

Hi all
I will be updating my site soon I hope with some new pictures but until then I will make some more figures from my sons moulds . Warfare 2012 is our next show in Reading only a 250 more moulds to go.

14 10 2012

Club Dinner( a yearly event) last night and very good indeed food top notch and company was to . Our table did not win the quiz but the wife won a box of chocolates in the Raffle with over 80 club members and partners attending pictures are on our club web site .,-sonning-48.html

15 10 2012

Still got lots to pain up At the moment i'm working on Rolls Royce armoured cars for the Desert
and Bren Gun carries to go with the figures . Having painted up the British . Australians and Indian troops . To go against my Italians and all there armour.
Picked up 4  1/76 British Army Desert Bedford MWD made by Oxford diecast for only £4.50 each
so I down have some wheel transport as well

Still on the painting table is a generic  large motorboat and a small one as so lighter in 20mm size
having made the master and my son has started modeling them hope to have them on Ebay after the Warfare 2012 show

Converting some of Parkfield Figures for they the Glorious Revolution Range.In to Civilians for the French Indian Wars .

11 11 2012
Just finished painting the first offs from my sons 15mm trench set that hes just molded from the master that I made for him . Will be on sale at Warfare 2012 Reading next week .

Friday, 3 August 2012

WWII game at WAR club night Kampfgruppe Normandy

Well how to lose a battle in 3 hours or wear did that come from!

All Figures and vehicles and scenery are Steve Thomson's

Monday, 23 July 2012

War and Peace 2012 Show

War and Peace Show 2012 well went down with a car full to Paddock Wood Kent

Lots of Sun and no rain