Monday, 22 December 2014

WWII 20mm British Part 2

Found my British Paratroopers and Jeeps
Figures are mostly Platoon 20 with some Britannia figures and Hinchliffe/Skytrex Jeeps
Dutch Houses from Last Valley.

So Your radios do not work to

Why do we always get the roads with our colour bases .

That big figures in the sky has put that trailer properly . You should worry he's writing your orders to .
Still can not get a signal Sargent

Just push on with the jeeps

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

WWII 20mm British part 1

WWII 20mm British
Is Monty coming ? What a target for the Luftwaffe

Having moved house and now I have some time on my hands and have not used my British armoured division at all since moving. So out of the boxes to see how they got on in the move just one 17lb to glue back on. Next on the list is get out the Infantry and see how they got on.

Found A and B company's and mortars and HMG and gun crews  but no C company
Maybe they in with the 1940 British