Friday, 7 October 2016

20mm USA Army v Germans

20mm USA Army v Germans
21st September at WAR club night my first club night after my holidays .
Manage to did out my Americans to take up to the club .
Mike had a village to defend . Its the last days of the war in Germany . Mikes forces are not to strong but still have a punch.
Just a simple table to play on . As you can see Mike putting out his Germans.
First up on with my rec jeeps
 Lots of MG fire and 222 hitting my Jeeps on comes my A/C

Managed to get a radio message back to get some tank support .

Look what I got Mike M26 Pershing I have not used them before now wears that Tiger.  
Infantry now advancing with tank support . Lots of A/T weapons in the village first two houses taken with infantry .   

Home time now 2200 hrs time to pack up and back down the M4 good game . 

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