Wednesday, 1 November 2017

20mm WWII Hold the town

20mm WWII hold the town.
Now the time to get out my WWII Germans and Russians .
Decided to make up a bombed town
Germans orders
Hold the town you are a small town that must be turned in to a fortress you must stop the Russians in there tracks . No retreat you must give the army time to build up a counter attacking force at the Seelow Heights . Then we drive the Russians back .
German Defence Troops

1 co of Stugs ( on the way)
1 co of MKIV (on the way)
1co panzer grenadiers ( on the way)
1co of Infantry (on the way)
1co of Luftwaffe infantry (on the way to you from Seelow Heights )
Part company of Volkssturm
Flack Company
HQ troops

Russian the BOSS said take Seelow Heights  any body want to say no now the time .

6 co Infantry
Plus Artillery

Town all my damaged building but can find all my paved roads .
Ok now in side the bigger building I have used emulsion paint some are brighter than others ok
Have not yet said but the 10 Tigers are not staying .

This is the plan
Volkssturm to hold the 3 building that lead in to the town
Panzer Grenadiers to hold the road to Seelow Heights
Infantry to hold the centre
With the Luftwaffe will fill in when they get hear

Sir the Panzer IV are going
Panzer IV are going it comes from the top brass.
How can we stop them with out tanks
We can keep the PZ III s

Volkssturm This is a panzerfaust

Start putting your last in the buildings on the map sirs
Sargent start sorting the lads out when you done that see they get some food and rest

Wear that lot going to down to us again
Get that Wagon out of the way now

Still some food hear boys a beer in bar makes a change

Glad to see you get hear
Sir my boys are not in good shape
Mine to we been both in action for weeks and they need a rest
We need ammunition and food we had no food for 3 days
We have to wagons of food and some ammunition its not a lot I have been told more on the way .
You know we are both under 50% in numbers sir

 T34/76 are now on the table

1 comment:

  1. This looks like the setting for a really terrific game which probably will last for more than just a few turns. Some initial questions:
    1. Will the AAA be able to depress sufficiently to engage the advancing Red Army tank force?
    2. Where are your Volksturm troops set up?
    3. Are the Volksturm equipped with enough Panzerfausts to give a good account of themselves?
    4. When do the reinforcements arrive?
    5. Will the Tiger Abteilung be amongst the reinforcements?
    Have a wonderful game!