Sunday, 20 December 2015

28mm Perry figures

28mm Perry figures
Brought a pack of figures at Warfare to help with my army when I play  Lion Rampant with Rolly from WAR. Both of us now live in Wiltshire so it's nice to have a game at home or down at the local board games club.
When packing the figures into its box and at a loose end before the wife get the dinner why not get them out to take some pictures .
Ok some are 25mm and some are 28mm . Have been Wargaming for over 55 years so have collected figures over that time I never had a problem with mixing them in from different manufactures. When they are 25mm figures .  Jury still out on mixing 28mm in with the 25mm some of the 25mm are a bit on the small size . But having said that if the base size is the same mmmmmmm.

Got a second pack at the Devizes show 2016

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