Thursday, 7 January 2016

WWII 20mm Russians Cossacks and Germans

WWII 20mm Russians Cossacks and Germans
My first game down at WAR this year 6/1/16 with Mike . Set up the table at 6 30 with the help of Richard .
German convoy of wagons to go from one end to the other end with  infantry escort
Mike is using some of his Volkssturm as guards.

Mounted/ Dismounted  Cossacks and Russian Cavalry.

Second game at the club 13/1/16
Take the bridge
Mike had a Russian tank unit refuelling and taken on ammo
I had to take and hold the bridge
Map one river running 6foot down the table a Y shape road
My units coming on  the left road of the Y
German recon unit makes the bridge with out beaning fired on can be that easy after
pacing Russian tanks and infantry
Russian tanks now come on to the right hand road of the Y
Main German tank column cut off from recon unit .
now the fun starts a KV2 comes on just behind my  recon unit on the bridge

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