Sunday, 29 April 2018

25/28mm Saga Saxon/Danes

25/28mm Saga Saxon/Danes
Been playing Saga for a few years now not to competition standard with my friends at W.A.R.
most nights we manage to get in 2 or 3 games.
Over the years I have been asked to put on some demo games at the Winnersh Fete ( this is the hall W.A.R. has it club night). Like all fete you need to put on a show large battle .

Saga comes in to mind but with only a few figures on the table on both sides not much of a special.
With that in mine we can up with the idea of making the units double or treble the size.
Played a few game like it much more like a wargame than a skirmish game .
Has any body else try it ?  Lots of dice to throw and figures to lose .
Figures are in the main from Elite Wargames and Models
 and 30 archers are Gripping Beast plastic ones.

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