Friday, 6 December 2013

15mm Wargaming Fields for Wargaming or Model Railways

Just painted up the new 15mm fields from my sons moulds.

15/1 Log wall 3”X2 (A)

15/2 Dragons Teeth

15/3 Trench Set (X)

15/4 Trench Strait 6 inches long (CA)

15/5 Trench Strait 3 inches long (CD)

15/6 Trench Gun Position 3 inches long (CD)

15/7 Trench Right Angle (A1)

15/8 Trench End Right (A1)

15/9 Trench End Left (A1)

15/10 Trench Oblique Short Right (D)

15/11 Trench Oblique Short Left (D)

15/12 Trench Inside Angle Right (AC)

15/13 Trench Inside Angle Left (AC)

15/14 Large Field ( E )

15/15 Small Field (AD)


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