Thursday, 19 May 2016

20mm WWII May 1945 Royal Marines Attack German held Town

20mm WWII May 1945 Royal Marines Attack German held Town
Club night at WAR 18/5/2016
This time Mike get to hold a town with his Germans as this is the last few day of WWII his forces are
a bit thin on the ground . British have a big advantage in Tanks and with a company of Royal Marines
First on to the table is the piper and command group . Mike is still putting out his forces  as I do my first move  . Second move a skirmish line of Marines to see if any fire comes my way . The next few moves on comes a Squadron of Comets I have never used a full Squadron before on the table  and makes a change not to be out gun by the Germans.
Now the fun starts a Flack 88mm fires at one Comet and missed  comets spot for the 88mm and return fire hit no 88mm left.
Pz VI on the German left flank start to hit my Comets but they take some hits . Send in a second troop of Comets to make up the losses .
Jag panther now on the table get spotted and dose not get a shot of before it gets KO love these 77mm in the Comets
Tiger 1 comes on the right flank not a good place as it try to stop my Comets Mike having a very bad day with his dice . No hits on my Comets but with 6 Comets to fire at the Tiger only one out come .
Marines are take and give back casualty's from house . Comets start to take out the houses and his troops in the tower get out fast as I start to use the Comets on it .
On my right flank the Comets now get to the road that leads in to the town but are stopped my panzerfaust and Pz VI so will hold till in Marines gat up to them .
Germans start to pull off the table and its now 9.30 so time to pack up .
Think I won this one makes a change not been out gunned  help a lot .

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