Sunday, 1 May 2016

20mm WWII Day of the Panther

20mm WWII Day of the Panther
Germans Must hold the village (ME)
USA must take the village (MIKE)
Germans 2nd Panzer 30 men with Tank support but only after the first six moves will they come on to the table .
USA How much did you bring with you Mike how ******** **** ***** that's a lot .
Dive back in to my boxes and get a big one out .

                                                                                                UAS Entry point

                                    2nd Panzer Entry point


 on comes the big one

End of game Mike run out of Tanks and I did not a lot of Infantry left to hold the village.
Eastern front for me .
 this is the 8 vehicle in the ditch in the last 6 months

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