Wednesday, 11 May 2016

20mm Dutch troops hold the Bridge WWII

20mm Dutch troops hold the Bridge WWII
Game at WAR club night  27/4/2016
Me Dutch troops to hold the bridge 20 infantry 1 A/T gun two A/T rifles and two DAFM38 armoured cars .
Mike has a German  panzer Division lead units 1pz 2pz 38t sdk222 M/C 80 infantry .
this was not going to be a easy game for me and had my work cut out just trying to hold my side of the bridge.
Sent out my Bicycle reconnaissance unit to the far end of the road to look for the Germans .
Spotted the Germans they then tried to get back to the bridge to let the defenders know . Most got captured on the road back  with out firing a shot .
German reconnaissance m/c and sdk222  got to my side of the bridge . The two DAF M38 and a/t rifles made short work of them .
German pz2s knocked out one DAF M38 and the second one pull back to the road leading of my end of the table . German infantry the shot up the a/t gun crew and with the Germans infantry  taken the houses that my a/t rifles in the Dutch infantry pull back on the DAF.
Sounds a very quick game but it last 3 hours from the start of the game and it was nice to give my Dutch boys a outing .



  1. Sounds like a fun game. It is always interesting to hear about early war games that aren't British/German or French/German. Any Belgians in the offing? Norwegians?

  2. Jerry
    Did a game with
    French defence of there boarder from an Italian advance 1940 that's on my blog . I do not have any Belgians (ok I do have two tanks) and no Norwegians at all.

    1. Thank you. I'll look for it! Early war can be real fun when it's set up properly.