Monday, 8 May 2017

25mm Saxons Napoleonic's Armys part 3

25mm Saxons Napoleonic's
After sorting out new flags for both regiments one of the figures is a bit of a problem as his standard is moulded on to the figure . Managed to cut the flag to size first time . That's one of the drawback with that Hinchliffe figure still it was the only one I had at the time . Had a bit of a panic with the plumes of one Infantry regiment but found the illustration a Funcken book. Figures of the Infantry are home cast from Prince August moulds I can remember the wife told me to cast them in the garden and not on the cooker over one bank holiday weekend plus a few nights over the next few weeks to get the numbers up that I needed . Offers and Drummers are good old Hinchliffe as well as one standard bearer the other one Minfigs. Ok I have left the budgies on the poll I know its wrong .
Just a point I used for the first time water base Yellow and Blue on these figures over 40 years a go and still has not faded over that time just a cheep ones from a toyshop.


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