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25mm ACW Raid on Penny Town ACW part 13

 25mm ACW Raid on Penny Town
Union Troops Send two Regiments to raid Penny Town

1 March to Penny Town
2 Destroy Leather works
3 Return to column after completing orders

May have local home guard troops number unknown
Leather works at the south end of town

The Number 10 and 11 are my regiment numbering only
10 1st DELAWARE 33men
11 33rd PENNSYLVANIA 33men


Strong Union column on the march corps size heading south.
Last seen 30 miles form Penny Town
Cavalry trying to cut it off so infantry  units can stop the column.

Home Guard 10 men
Dismounted Cavalry 22
1 field gun and crew

1st move picket rides in and tell blue coats are coming down the road

2nd move Home guard on standby

move 4 home guard in the house and make ready

Picket tell town commander there coming

move 5 Dismounted Cavalry stand to

Town commander to telegraph office to ask for help 

Reg 11 on table

move 6 Reg 11 under fire from home guard no hit

move 7 Reg forms line behind wall and makes ready to fire
Home guard know what's going to happen and moves out of house

move 8 Reg 11fires at house that's now empty
Gun crew make ready  

Cavalry move in to houses

Move 9 home guard move in to cover behind wall

Reg11 over wall advance on house
Home guard fire at reg11 2 hits

Move 10 home guard move to get out of the way again
Reg10 move down the road

Move 11 Home guard move to the fence
Reg 10 advance down the road
Reg 11 move to the wall the home guard have moved from

move 12 Home guard fire on reg 11 no hits
Reg 11 fires on home guard 1 hit
Reg10 holts and lode rifles
Move 13 Home guard fires on Reg 11 no hits
Reg11 fires on home guard 5 hits
Home guard moral we will run
Move 14
Reg 10 pass houses and get fired on by Cavalry 5hits
Moral bad Reg 10 runs back 

move 15 Reg 11 fires at houses that hold the cavalry 5 hit
cavalry fire at reg 11 I hit
Cavalry moral bad cavalry run
Reg 11 moral good  

Move 16 Reg 10 test to moral they now stop
move 17 Reg 10 form a line
Reg 11 advance
Move 18 Cavalry moral now ok and stop with the help of town commander

Move 19 Cavalry form a skirmish line
home guard moral now ok but still going to base line
Reg 10 and 11 advancing

Move 20
Reg 10 and 11 advancing
Cavalry fire on reg11 1 hit  moral ok

Move 21 Reg 11 fires on Cavalry 4 hits Moral ok
Cavalry fires on Rge11 1 hit moral ok
Reg 10 advancing


move 22
Cavalry fires on reg 11 3 hits Moral ok
Reg 11 fires on Cavalry 2 hits
Gun now fires on Reg11  1 hit

move 23
Gun now fires on Reg 10 9 hits Moral ok
Cavalry fires on Reg 11 3 hits
Reg 11 fires on Cavalry no hits Moral bad reg runs a way
Move 24
Gun fires on reg 10 no hits
Cavalry fires on Reg 10 2 hits moral ok
reg 10 firs on cavalry 4 hits moral ok
move 25
Gun fires on reg 10 8 hits moral reg 10 runs a way
Cavalry fires on reg 10 no hits
Reg 11 stops running  
move 26
Reg 11 forms a line again
Gun fires at Reg 10 no hits
move 27
Reg 11 half a move forward and fires at cavalry 7 hits
Cavalry out of range with there carbines Moral with run a way
Gun fired at reg 11 and missed
gun crew now on there own will pull back of table  

Move 28
Reg 10 stopped
Reg 11 set fire to leather works
Game over




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