Tuesday, 7 June 2016

25mm American War of Independence Game at WAR

25mm American War of Independence 1/6/2016
This is the first time I have played AWI game . After playing games for over 50 years I made all the mistakes you can make in one game .
Mike brought both British and Americans  down to the club WAR . Set up the table in the small hall
as the larger one was full up .
Mike Used the British all Regulars
I had 3 Regulars 4 militia  .
Having a look at the table I know that Mike was going to get his own back for the last game we played.
The British had all the roads so could mover round the table fast I had to cross a river that had a ford in it on my side . So once set up my troops could not support each other as much as I would like to .
Mike then said he could not find the AWI rules he uses as found the old set of FIW that we first used but not the updated copy at is back in my house 65miles a way .
Now I know a win was out of the question for me just how long could I hold out . Mike pushed his troops forward on my right flank . Managed to in flicked causalities on his British but they would not brake. Then his Scots hit my militia in a melee Lost the first round and then lost the second round .
My Regulars then tried to stop crossing the British in a corn field not hits at all for two moves . Im then out flanked and a British second regiment hit my Regulars in the flank and his British now out of the corn field charge in for a melee. Lots two more round of Melee .
His Scots then surrounded my Second militia unit in the large field won the first melee but then his numbers told on the second melee . Seeing the other two units running a way and a bad dice throw they surrender. My regulars in the centre have take a lot of fire as this is going on are down to just a few men and with seeing the militia surrendering they off the table .Now with my left flank goon and my centre just running off the table Game over.   


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  1. Looks like a rousing good game! Do you have different levels of training/morale for your troops? The reason I ask is that militia for example could be highly trained and even experienced while others would have just been called to duty. Even regulars like the Continental Line would have gradations of excellence with Dearborn's light infantry and the Maryland & Delaware Line being as good as any British regular unit if not better. It looks like you folks eschewed artillery and light cavalry.
    Nice report.
    "Grumpy is good."