Friday, 17 June 2016

25mm A.C.W. Game at WAR ACW part 10

25mm A.C.W. Game at WAR 15/6/2016
Managed to het the tables up in the small bar hall as the large hall have 30 odd tables up and in use.
Mike road is closed for road works so I had to bring both army's For a game at WAR.
So 4 boxes of figures . Mike had not played ACW for  long time so just using the cut down rules for this game to make it a fast play game with a bit of fun.
Mike has 10 infantry  Regiments of CSA
I have 10 infantry Regiments of USA all of 33 men each  game size of table 6x5 foot.
Mike made 2 divisions of 5 Regiments . I made 2 divisions of 4 regiments with 2 in reserve with the hope to plug the gaps in the firing line . First 3 moves army's advance  . Now the fun starts
start trading shots with some good saving throws both side losing figures . Some Regiments start to fall back as morale take affect . My 2 reserve  Regiments go in think I have cracked it then my luck runs out . Mike makes some good saving throws and I can not save any then the morale on 4 of my regiments go down the pan . So off they go then on the next move what's left of my 6 regiments get hammered from Mikes 8 regiments game over.
Good Game lots of laughing and joking
Packed up and on the road by 10 40 and home by 12 .

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