Sunday, 25 October 2015

15mm Medieval Figures update

15mm Medieval  Figures by Elite Wargames and Models

M1 Sword & Shield

M2 Cross Bow in large helm

M3 Halberds

M4 Saxon Bow

M5 Norman with Axe

M6 Spear & Shield Walking

M7 Standards x4

M8 Halberd in Helmet Advancing with Padded Tunic

M9 Archer with helm

M10 Crossbow with Padded Tunic and helm

M11 Hand Gunner

M12 Long Bow

M13 Archer in Chain Mail helm

M14 Late medieval Bill

M15 Northern knight with mace

M16 French Halberd with Padded Tunic

M17 French Sword shield Padded Tunic

M18 French Sword Shield no chain mail

M19 French Crossbow no chain mail

M20 French Spear Shield no mail

M21 Spear Shield large helm

M22 Spear Shield

M23 Padded Tunic Pike Advancing

M24 Padded Tunic Pike High Port

M25 Padded Tunic Spear and Shield

M26 Shield and Spear Advancing

M27 Cross Bow

MC 1 Knight Lance Helm with Feathers

MC 2 Knight Lance

MC3 French Lancer

MC4 French Command

MC5 Knight with Axe

MC6 Knight with Mace

MC7 Christian Command

MC 8 Christian knight Lance and Shield

MC 9 Knight with Mace Concave Shield

MC 10 Knight with Sward and Shield Horned Helm

MC11 Knight Sword and Shield

MC12 Knight Lance with cut out Shield

MC13 English Knight Sword and Shield

MC14 English Knight Axe and Shield

MC15 Knight Concaves Shield with Sword

MC16 Knight Lance

MC17 Knight Axe Concave Shield

MC18 King Command

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