Thursday, 8 October 2015

15mm ACW update Elite Wargames and Models

15mm ACW Figures update Elite Wargames and Models
A new list of there 15mm ACW figures and some pictures.

ACW 1 Kepi Advancing

ACW 2 Kepi Command

ACW 3 Zouaves Turban

ACW 4 Kepi Great Coat

ACW 5 Hat Great Coat

ACW 6 Hat Blanket Roll

ACW 7 Zouaves Kepi Command

ACW 8 Zouaves in Kepi

ACW 9 Zouaves in Turban Command

ACW 10 Zouaves in Fezzes Attacking

ACW11 Infantry in Hat one side Tuned up Advancing with back pack

ACW12 Hat Command

ACW13 Zouaves in Fezzes Command

ACW14 Frock Coat & Tuned up Hat Command
ACWC1 Kepi & Sword

ACWC2 Hat & Sword

ACWC3 Kepi & Pistol

ACWC4 |Hat & Carbine

ACWC5 Kepi & Carbine

ACWC6 Hat & Pistol

ACWC7 Lancer

ACWC8 Hat Command

ACWC9 Kepi Command

ACWC10 Kepi & Cape & Pistol

ACWC11 Kepi & Cape & Carbine

ACWC12 Kepi & Cape & Sword

ACWC13 Hat & Cape & Sword

ACWC14 Hat Sword


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