Wednesday, 20 May 2015

25mm ACW blow up the bridge game ACW part 4

25mm ACW blow up the bridge game
Union Commander Rolly W.A.R
Confederate me W.A.R
Union orders to blow up the bridge by doing so stop Confederate enforcements using it
Forces to be used
4 Infantry Regiments    with one wagon carrying the gunpowder to blow up the bridge
1 Infantry Regiment on the table
2 Infantry Regiments off table ( force unknown to the Union commander  )
Table as seen from the Confederate side with the entry point for the 2 Reserves regiments to come on.

Road top left is the entry pion for the Union troops

Move 4 Union troops spotted by Confederate pickets Church bell ring to muster troops .

Move 6/7
Trying to form a firing line out numbered .  
In 4 moves time Reinforcements will be on the table
2 Union Regiments deploy on there left flank .
Move 12 Reinforcements start to cross the bridge just in time as the last of the bridge guard has lost it morale after 5 rounds of musketry. Well they  did see off one Union Regiment and stop the second one .

With Confederate Reinforcements on the bridge and time running out the game ended .

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