Saturday, 25 April 2015

WWII 20mm Battle for the post road part 3

WWII Battle for the post road part 3
This is a small village of the post road the Germans hope by taking it to stop Russian reinforcements
getting to the next Town on the post road.
Setting up the game this week I tried to give Mick who is playing the Russians a very good field of fire for his tanks and guns so this is one of the most bear tables that over 30 years we have played on.
View from the German side. Entry point  is the track for all my units
 View from the Russian side Entry point for reinforcements down the track. Dark  matting is plowed fields will slow movement down .

As the stat of the game the Russian hold the village

Lots of antitank Rifles

 Russians advancing

Russian T70 Take on the 35Ts
Bad day if you in a 222 but then my recon units do take a battering

Pz I are getting hits from Russian Antitank Rifles
Pz 3 4 start to take out the T70s
German infantry move in to the village with Stug support
Village taken by the Germans when will the Russians make a counter attack ? 


  1. Very nice looking game which seems eminently playable. I'm thinking of adapting this game to a 28 mm version.