Tuesday, 3 November 2015

15mm Fantasy figures up date by Elite Wargames and Models

15mm Fantasy figures up date by Elite Wargames and Models.

Fantasy Figures

F1 Wild men with Spear

F2 Wild man Sword and Shield

F3 Small Ogre with wooden Club

F4 Goblin Wolf Rider

F5 Small Ogre with Club x4

F6 Human Shield & Spear

F8 Human with Bow

F9 Human Command

F11 Goblin Wolf Rider Spear and shield

F13 Hobbit x10

F14 Human Easterner Command

F15 Human Easterner with Spear

F16 Human Easterner with Bow

F17 Human Prisoner

F18 Wizards

F19 Big Giant

F20 Medium Giant

F21 Ork Spear & Shield

F23 Ork Sword & Shield

F24 Ork Command

F25 Ork with Bow

F27 Ork Mounted Command

F28 Dark Elf with Bow

F29 Dark Elf Command

F33 Goblin Sword & Shield

F34 Goblin Command

F35 Goblin Shield & Spear

F36 Goblin with Bow

F37 Goblin with Hooked Spear
F44 Dwarf with Axe

F45 Dwarf Command

F47 Human Cavalry Sword & Shield

F48 Human Cavalry Command

F49 Human Cavalry Lance

F50 Human Cavalry Bow

F51 High Elf Spear & Shield

F52 High Elf Sword & Shield

F53 High Elf Bow

F54 Dragon Flying

F55 Winged Eagles x4

F56 Ents

F57 Small Birds

F58 Dragon Walking

F60 Ringrath

F61 Bear

F62 Human Chain mail and Bow

F63 Wild man Command

F64 High Elf Command


  1. Nice to see the old minis back again. I've started a page on the Lost Minis WIKI for these although the codes etc are different now. I'll add the email address to the page in case it can help sales.


  2. Thank you do you want any pictures ?

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