Monday, 17 August 2015

25mm ACW take that hill ACW part 7

Game 25mm ACW take that hill
Both side have 4 infantry Divisions and 2 Regiments of cavalry and 4 Guns
Before starting the game I have made a map and decided  on the orders for both sides.
Now we all know that any plan can go astray. So I have added in the arrival on to the table a factor .
With one percentage dice and a six side one  the total on the dice is the move that unit will arrive .
USA Orders
1st Division To take the right of the hill and push to the left of the hill. Move on to the table move 2
2nd Division To take the left of the hill and hold .Move on to the table move 7
3rd Division To out flank the hill on the right hand side .Move on to the table move 5
4th Division  Reserve .Move on to the table move 6
Artillery to Support 1st Division . Move on to the table move 6
Cavalry to take the hill and hold till Infantry take over . Move on to the table move 5
CSA Orders
1st Division to hold the left woods . Move on to the table move 1
2nd Division to hold the right wood. Move on to the table move 8
3rd Division to hold the hill move . Move on the table move 9
4th Division to be held in reserve. move on to the table move 10.
Artillery to the hill and support the woods. move on to the table move2
Cavalry both woods have hold till the infantry can take over .

Move 1 CSA 1st division  enters the table

Move 2 USA 1st Division on the table CSA Artillery moves on to the table

Move 3 all units move
Move 4 All units move and Guns unlimber

Move 5
USA 3rd Division on the table and Cavalry on as well
CSA guns fire in the Infantry and remove 4 figures Morale tested and is ok.

Move 6 USA 4th Division moves on to the table and the artillery
USA are fire on by the guns 2 Cavalry are taken off and 1 Infantry man as well Morale teat units ok

 Guns now down to 8 rounds per gun. And still they coming on next go canister ?
 Forming battle line

Move 7 USA 2nd Division on the table

 USA Cavalry charging guns have taken canister on the 1/2 move remove 5 figures. Morale ok.
Then hit the wall
CSA guns from second battery fire on the infantry  remove 4 figures

 CSA Infantry fire on the cavalry and remove 3 figures morale ok
 Melee USA cavalry lose 7 figures to the infantry CSA lose 8 figures Morale at the end both ok .Melee will take place in move 8
 Melee with the gunners bad day for the cavalry charging up hill and hitting a wall as well
cavalry lose 4 figures gunners 2 figures . Cavalry lose morale and go back . Gunner morale good will hold .

 Two van in the dich out side my house not Wargaming I know

now on Boxing day we had a car in the ditch 2015
new one in the ditch 16/2/2016

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