Sunday, 22 June 2014

1/600 Ships Large WWII Convoy

WWII large convoy
This year Wargames Association of Reading put on two games at the Winnersh Fete (2014) One of the games was a WWII convoy Two Club member and myself wargame in 1/600 scale WWII ships using fast attack rules
over the years we collected a number of boat and ship mostly Skytrex with a few Airfix models as well.
Mike got to the hall at 9 am very keen but as the hall is not open till 9.30 decided to site in the sun and have a few minutes to his shelf before the we got stuck in put up our tables .
Arrived at  the hall myself at 9.30 and having put out the tables dived in to the club cupboard to get out some of the clubs table cover and as you can see the only ones we had are blue but not the same blue  .By this time George started to unload his ships.
Fete  open to the public at 1 coincided with the first air attack from the German air force . Lots of AA fire stopped. the first attack . The second  one did some damage to one of the cruisers. The third one got through and hit lots of merchantman .Then E boats rush on to the table to be met with 4.7" and 4" and so much 40mm and 20mm 3 when down  and six more suffered so much damage left the table
Two Narvik class destroyer tried they luck no chance hit by Typhoons before they could inflicted any damage.
We at one time counted the boats and had 180 apx on the table .





Jeff working hard at making his models

The 3 of us Mike .George and myself

Mike and George  having a sit down and Tony in the back ground setting up his medieval skirmish game 

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