Saturday, 15 June 2013

25MM American Civil War Game at Winnersh Fate ACW part 1

This year WAR put on a 25mm ACW game at Winnersh Fate .Started setting up at 9 15 had the table set up by the time George and Paul come in by 10 George adding to the confederates his brigade to help pad out my 2 so now we had 3 brigades to take on two union ones .Most of my fingers are Hinchliffe 25mm and Georges are Old Glory 25mm.The fate was well attended by the general public
and as usual questions how long did take to paint then and how do you play the game ect . so all 3 for us had to do a lot of talking . Our modelling section Jeff and Rolly had a good crowd round there table most of the day . By 4 we started to pack up and by 5 driving to home .





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