Tuesday, 3 April 2018

28mm Romans First SAGA Games with them at WAR

28mm Romans First Games with them at WAR
Ok before I start I should have gone through the battle board before hand . You know what Wargaming like must get on the table fast .
First Game Mike used his Strathclyde/Welsh  .My lads got shot in the back from off table archers
wear did that come from can I fire back no ho why not because you can not . Game when down hill from that time well it did for me . Lost that one on figure count . Make a note my buy Roman cavalry

Second game George wants to have a go at my Romans no Im happy to use my Anglo /Danes Im out voted by 4 to 1  ok Romans it is . George did not advance far from his start line but I did got my archers in range of his slinger and had a few hits . George likes hiding behind hills He then tried  to  take 2 figures off one of my archer units for exhaustion having give them 2 fatigued  markers  George they not levies show you the book .

Romans Third game Hand over my Romans to Mike to take on Rolly .Rolly used Georges Anglo/Danes Did not take any pick if that one .As this was Rolly second game of SAGA it was a slow game and Rolly having seen Georges tactic of hiding behind a hill Mike had to go forward
Romans won 1 lost 1 your guess is as good as mine on the third game .

First game Mike thinking of his next move

 Second game George  studying the battle board
Move 5 and he's still not coming over that hill

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