Monday, 18 March 2019

25mm ACW Campaign part 2 Battle for BOBS Farm

25mm ACW Campaign part 2 Battle for BOBS Farm
Layout the table had the scenarios in my head before hand a small farm with a bypass road .

 CSA scouts on the table

 Horses what's up

Its ok Its our boys what gentleman you all are  
Thank you mam for the offer of coffee we are look for Yankees any round hear ?

 Looks like a Division coming down the road of Yankees

 Division you say
 Good luck boy god be with you


Have you seen any Rebels no sir well looks like I can 
Look to your men and get them in line Rebels are behind the hill

 Form line form line Lode

 Man the wall
 Get that wagon out of the way now


A New CSA Division

 Lode get ready

 Fire 3hits on CSA
 Fire Back 4 hits in USA


The big hand in the sky said its going to Salute so we going to stand here and not move till it comes back . Did you hear it wants to get some new Confederate Divisional commanders . That's all we need I was in the last battle and that did not go to well for us with the ones they got. This one not going to well for us. Hay Reb you getting a new commander the big hand said .Yank we like the one we got . 
Big hand is back. No new commanders .

Not woods again I get lot in them

Ok wear have you been I need you Cavalry before we get on the table
get that ammo wagon through gate

The Yanks have got artillery

Thought it was a divisional game more Rebs that I got ammo for
We just lost a regiment

Keep the road open

 See those small hands just the big hand stopped the grabbing us That was what you call grandchildren's .Thing we was lucky

 Five Reb infantry regiments coming at us sir


CSA Cavalry now on the table

Hope they keep the Road open

Get ready to Fire

Left flank still holding Just

Left Flank just gone

That's not looking good on the right flank of the Union

Plug that gap or we lose the Road
They have Artillery go for the infantry   
 Where did that lot come from fall back
 Forward take the farm

 Forward boys

 Ho look its the Artillery what keep you   ******** Bad dice

 off the Road in firing line
 3rd Division now coming on
More bad dice for the Guns
Union Right flank shot to bits

Second Union Regiment goon on the Right flank
Half move for the Cavalry get a volley from infantry

Good but morale dice for the Cavalry in they go
Pistols fire at close range

Union left flank now gone
Cavalry all over the guns gunners take off as no time to reload
CSA Artillery to the top of the hill Game over