Sunday, 8 November 2020

25mm ECW Artillery

50 years or so I thought I must get in to English Civil War gaming. One of my wargames friends Jim was a reactor in a ECW regiment. Talking at our Monday nights games I said I had got a lot of ECW figures all unpainted. The answer came back for one of the lads fined a good set of rules that work and we will have a game. That was in the 1980s Painted the Infantry over the years and in 2016 finished the last of them now just finished the Artillery all guns and crew are Hinchliffe figures

Friday, 23 October 2020

20mm 14th Army ( The Forgotten Army)

20mm 14th Army Over the years most wargames have brough figers at show and not getting round to painting them 30 odd yeras a go pick up the 14th Army figures . Now in lockdown time to paint a lot more then I would have done. Made up two Jap tanks as well.

Sunday, 27 September 2020

25mm Empress Dragoons

25mm Empress Dragoons Over the years I have collected lots of figures(as you do beening a wargamer) that have not been painted lockdown has seen many of us getting the unpainted figures out to paint .

Now I have been putting off painting the Empress Dragoons as 50 odd years a go I painted the regiment of them Could eBay them or may put on to a brig and buy stall .

No painted them up now I have two squadrons of them .

After painting them though they should be reviewed by Napoleon . Then put out the 1st squadron with them . Then the rest of the Guards Calvary  got out of hand a bit the .

Now looking at a Regiment of Guard Lancers to paint well that not going to be the 2nd but the 1st Regiment .  When not in use the lances keep pinging off may have to make them shorter

 All of then are old Hinchcliffe like the Dragoons .



Thursday, 6 August 2020

25mm French Indian Wars attack on a french post

25mm French Indian Wars attack on a French post
My 4th solo game over the lockdown started with an idea  that I have had for a long time.
A French post by a river and a waterfall it should work as a solo game but with no edge from a gamer on the other side to make me work a lot . A full set of order to wright for the British and lost of dice rolling .
With not having lost of trees on the table but just a path to walk on through the trees can work in a solo game so if you can see the Rangers and 78th regiment walking in single file that's the reason .
Figures used for the game Parkfield Miniatures a few RAFM and Hinchliffe and Dixons  

French stand to
Indian get up and walk around

French patrol in the way back
Rangers on the way to the river

Ranges covering party will fire on the fort to help the main party if needed
Second patrol on the way off table

Rangers have not been spotted starts to cross the river 1" at the time

Made it to the French side
Patrol coming in
troops on guard looking at the patrol

78th now on table on the track

Ranger guide now takes over the led

so far so good
BRITISH spotted poo and fan

 Ranger open order and advance

 78th keeping a good lookout

 French and Indians open fire

Returning French patrol good dice throw on the French side

 Both sides have hits Indians this is not our war take to the hill
 Rangers take hits from front and back

 Time to get back in other side for the river
 French volleys in the Rangers as the head back to the river .

 Indians on the way back to help the French now the Rangers are at the river