Friday, 27 January 2023

Calne Wargames club 28mm ACW Game

Calne Wargames club 28mm ACW Game Our first ACW game at the club.Using modified rules by Donald Featherston out of the book Wargames. The Wargames book got myself in Wargaming many years a go when walking round a local library trying to find a book to read. Now I had a set of rules I could use with my Airfix figures. The rules are a bit old school but feed back from the lads playing the game said it was fast and easy to play and more to the point got a result at the end of the night. With just 5 regiments a side and no artillery or cavalry made it easy to play the game with me as umpire.

Tuesday, 10 January 2023

Calne Model Club open day

Calne Model Club open day at the Calne springs show room The model club holds its meetings on the last Wednesday in the month as the December one did not take place over the Christmas and new year the lads booked up for a Saturday, It was nice to see all the new bits they had from Christmas.

Monday, 12 December 2022

20mm WWII German Army

Second World War wargaming Germans Army Back in the 1960s I started buying Airfix figures and Tanks as most gamers did then. When starting to make up may German army and then putting on division signs on the Tanks etc. As a wargamer the big decision no SS units ok my friends have the 1st and 12th SS that’s down to them as do most Wargamers there is no rights or wrong in it just me not wanted to have an SS unit. Looked at lots of books to fine one division that was in France 1940 Easten front 1941 + and back to France and Germany Second Panzer Division fits the bill. Lots of painting over the years as well as playing with a spray gun (Wife not happy for me to use it in doors ) so will not probably start using it in the shed from now on .Lots need to be repainted as well as any new bits I got to buy at Wargames shows.