Monday, 18 March 2019

25mm ACW Campaign part 2 Battle for BOBS Farm

25mm ACW Campaign part 2 Battle for BOBS Farm
Layout the table had the scenarios in my head before hand a small farm with a bypass road .

 CSA scouts on the table

 Horses what's up

Its ok Its our boys what gentleman you all are  
Thank you mam for the offer of coffee we are look for Yankees any round hear ?

 Looks like a Division coming down the road of Yankees

 Division you say
 Good luck boy go be with you


Have you seen any Rebels no sir well looks like I can 
Look to your men and get them in line Rebels are behind the hill

 Form line form line Lode

 Man the wall
 Get that wagon out of the way now
Game in Progress more pics soon

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Anglo Danish v Saracens SAGA game at WAR

Anglo Danish v Saracens
Mike wanted to try out his Saracens at the club ok ill use my Anglo /Danes .
Mike was hoping that I would use the Romans as he said he wanted to use his Naphtha on my Cataphracts .No way he's not cooking my Cataphracts Ill just use my girls .
Bit of a slow game as Mike has to get used the SAGA board .

  I managed to cut down his some of his infantry and cavalry with my bows and then taken on his Hearthguard with my Hearthguard  . Mike had two hits with his Naphtha. Most of my dice was poor in this game so manage to lose it by 3 points after the 6 moves.