Thursday, 30 December 2021

1/72 Scale Kettenkraftad from SGTS Mess

1/72 Scale Kettenkraftad from Sagt Mess in white metal This year for Christmas had a few models from family and friends as presents Nice model to make up when you have a picture of one handy to see what way the tracks go one .one point I would make is the handlebars are a bit fiddle to hold to be honest dropped it on the carpet two times .

Monday, 27 December 2021

25/28mm ACW CSA Militia

25/28mm CSA Militia Needed some more figures for the ACW armys luck to pick a box of Perry figures at SALWG show off Dave Thomas stand then orderd the rest from Perrys. Had a few figures that I was given this year in caps but just though they may do for ACW make unknown. Most in long coats Ill have two militia units ( home guard units)if USA try a town raid they may help to slow done the enemy before the line regiments get involved .

Monday, 18 October 2021

REME Lyneham Model Show

REME Lyneham Model Show Popped down to the show and had a good look round nice to see some old friends face to face and have a good talk . Taken one or to picks before my battery run out .

Wednesday, 6 October 2021

25mm Dutch/Belgium’s v French Napoleonic’s

25mm Dutch/Belgium’s v French Napoleonic’s When to put a new flag on one of my Dutch regiments then got the rest of the regiment of the shelf as you do I know a bit sad . They look a bit dusty gave them a quick brush Ill look at the rest of the Dutch Belgium’s dusty to so of I go to give them a light dusting to and a lot of puff not much fun to put them back on the shelf . Game to be played then they can go back on the shelf only 4 regiments better use a Nassau regiment as well and Dutch Dragoons 3 guns as well.