Wednesday, 2 March 2016

20mm WWII French defence of there boarder from an Italian advance 1940

20mm French defence of there boarder from an Italian advance 1940
French Commander Me
French have a few pillbox's and  4 gun in placements  for the 75mm
Tanks in support 3 Renaults Ft  as this was a bit of a back water no other types of tanks on the French side . At the end of the game 3 Panhard 178 Armoured cars entered the table .
1 Company of French Infantry( some Airfix figures ) with 25mmA/T guns .
Italian Commander Mike
Italians 1 Company of Black shirts and 2 Company's of Infantry and lost of tanks .
After 6 1/2 hour game I had lost my bunkers but most of the Infantry are still in good condition one Renault is KO and 2 A/T guns are lost all the 75mm guns are ok but will be flanked on my right by Tanks and Infantry . Time to pull back did not think I could hold on so long good game .

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