Monday, 10 March 2014

25mm American Civil War Part 2

Pick up a box of Perry Miniatures 25/28mm A.C.W. figures at Warfare 2013. Got them out of the box to have a look at home on the Monday after the show. Friend of mine George show me how his painted up before the show . Having put on a big A.C.W. game at the local fate thought I could do with some more .Not until a week before Christmas did they hit the pint table . Have not painted any ACW figures for some time made a change to do it . Found my old box of flags so did not need to use the ones that came in the box of figures . Painting plastic figures has taken me back 50 odd years or so when I painted some British Altmark 20mm WWII figures.

Having  had my eyes sorted out and back painting in February 2015 thought I would make a start on some ACW 25mm Hinchliffe figures that I have found since the house move .
First off was Union in greatcoats and the same figures also for the Confederates .
Once painted  and based sort out some flags from a collection I had for 40 odd years.


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